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Smart Frame

Each one of our frames are completely customisable – you choose the colours of the base and the ring to complement your photo, your style and your setting. They make great gifts or great ways to print and frame your own favourite photos.

The magic of our frames is in the magnets. No clips, no cardboard, no bendy bits of metal to trap under your fingernails – our frames are held shut by powerful magnets. They will happily stick side-by-side along your table, desk or even back to back. Just remember to check the back of your frame to make sure you’re matching the right fields! (Picture).

We hope if you are buying one now you might buy another to keep it company before too long, they look great in pairs, strips or back to back and there’s also a nook on the back to fit a picture hook in if you want to put it on the wall.

Frame Again Wood

Frame Again Wood

Our new Wooden range are manufactured with love in the UK and come in a range of colours, sizes and dimensions to suit all your photos. With natural oak and bright red as well as optional mounts, we’ve brought a classic design up to date and you still get to customise your frame so it matches your photo perfectly.

Our frames start at 6 x 4” and go all the way up to 10 x 8” with mounts available on some of the sizes.

Your photos

We love printing photos. Your photos will be professionally printed on high quality photo paper. We’ll let you know if we think your photo is not high resolution enough to be printed but most modern Android phones and definitely the iPhone 5 take good enough quality photos as standard and digital cameras tend to be even better.