Nike v Adidas – The Battle for your Instagram Photos

Nike ID, PhotoID, Instagram and Nike

As more and more brands are realising that engagement levels on Instagram are much higher than on Facebook and Twitter, two shoe behemoths are taking creative approaches to Instagram customer acquisition.


Taken a photo you’re proud of on Instagram? If a couple of dozen “likes” on the social network isn’t enough, you can now use your Instagram photos to design your own shoes. Which is what we’ve all been waiting for.


Sporting clothing giants Nike and Adidas are squaring up on Instagram as they position for your attention on the rapidly growing platform. Both Nike and Adidas are launching creative campagins and apps which use your Instagram photos as design inspiration for your new shoes.




Nike has seen success with it’s customisable design platform, Nike ID (the Frame Again of shoes), where you pick the colour combinations for your shoes.


Building on that premise and adding a bit of bonkers, Photo ID from Nike uses the colours in your Instagram photo to design the colours in your trainers:


Nike ID, PhotoID, Instagram and Nike

PhotoID from Nike


The idea is to simply get you sharing the images of your new personalised footwear online, but Nike hope that when you see a pair of sneakers inspired by your photo of a cup of coffee, you’ll be compelled to buy. I guess we’ll see!


Here’s the Frame Again effort from a recent trip to Wembley – the algorithm seems to have missed out the key colour components of the Arsenal shirts. Hmm. Next time, maybe:


NikeID Arsenal Instagram Show

Arsene Wenger’s Red Army have been rendered grey by NikeID.




Taking the Instagram-curated shoes concept to a higher (bizarre) level, Adidas have announced miadidas – a mobile app which lets your print your Instagram photos directly onto your new shoes. So now you can cover your feet in your own photos. Not narcissistic at all, then.



Your favourite photos as shoes.

Your favourite photos as shoes.


The App, available for iOS and Android, is out in August.

Selling millions of Insta-shoes isn’t really the sole (sorry) aim for either Nike or Adidas. 55 million photos are uploaded each day onto Instagram, and, for brands, delivers 58 times more engagement than Facebook, and 120 times more than Twitter (according to a report from Forrester).


The campaigns have already caught the eye of users active on the NikeID platform so, who knows, maybe one day we’ll be framing photos of your shoes?!


Whilst we’re fans of creating things from your Instagram photos, in the Frame Again office we think they look best printed, framed and delivered to your door. For inspiration, visit:  frameagain.com/ideas.

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