Instagram Creator Launches New Photo App


The photographer Cole Rise, who is responsible for a number of Instagram’s most popular filters, has launched a new, standalone photo editing app called Litely.


Litely App

Litely App

Instagram? I’ve heard of that…


Cole created the Hudson, Sierra, Sutro and Rise (get it?) filters, and this month launched a new editing app with subtle effects and light-touch filters.


Is it any good?


In a word: yes. The appeal of Litely is its simplicity, in terms of use and aesthetics. Once you have chosen or taken your picture, you have at your disposal a small handful of filters on top of the few adjustments (exposure, sharpness, vibrance and vignette) to use, with the filters maintaining subtle identities from each other.


The functionality is clear and intuitive, designed with space to breathe, clear angles and thin lines.


The results can be beautiful:



Litely App for iOS Screenshots

So is it better than Instagram?


Litely was created using a very different approach to Instagram and, as users, you will have a different experience with the App. It’s focused on creating stunning images as opposed to sharing them.


Litely won’t be considered a replacement to the Facebook-owned Instagram, and nor will it want to be. Instead, Litely wants to enhance your use of the, sometimes limited, Instagram.


Next time you want to post a photo, consider using Litely to edit before uploading to Instagram and you may find your photos standing out from the (very crowded) crowd.


How much is Litely?


The app is free to download. Litely users receive a starter pack of nine presets upon download, and additional packs are £1.99 each. Litely generates revenue by the in-app sales as well as those on its website.


What’s the best thing about Litely?


There’re iPad and desktop versions. Take note, Instagram!


Great! Where can I download Litely?


The app is available here on iTunes.


The Litely website

For beautiful shots, follow creator Cole Rise on Instagram here.


For Framing Litely shots, we recommend a white base with a light coloured ring as the filters in the app are soft and subtle. Click here to Get Framing.


“The best photos don’t look edited; it’s all about the story and the moment.” Cole Rise

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