I Hate Surprises

I hate surprises. When you hype up surprises in your head and reality falls short of your imagination, showing gratitude and excitement for the surprise becomes a stressful task, making you feel guilty for the overzealous works of your imagination. So when two of my friends said they had a surprise for me, I had the hardest time trying to tame and pace down my mind. I knew one thing for sure: it could not have anything to do with Game of Thrones, my recent obsession. The two of them have never seen a single episode. A sigh of relief: I couldn’t be disappointed, as I knew in advance that meeting Kit Harrington was definitely not part of their surprise.


Framing Google Glass At Frameagain The surprise was, in fact, the furthest thing from the Game of Thrones. It wasn’t until I got into the venue somewhere behind St Pancras and got a stamp saying GLASS on my wrist that I realised I was at a Google Glass demo event. Now, I have to say, being someone with zero knowledge of how any piece of technology works, I am very easily excited when it comes to technology. So much so that I was jumping up and down after taking a quick ride on my friend’s electric bike (those things are crazy fun!). Now imagine my utter astonishment when the Glass understood and followed my voice instructions and did exactly as told. It is completely beyond me how looking into the sky and commanding a tiny piece of metal and wires to: ‘’explore the stars’’ allows me to clearly see the locations of the different stars in the sky right above my head!


The cool sci-fi look of the Glass, the minimalistic interior design of the venue, the wonderful instructors and the exclusivity that was in the air made for a very pleasant and exquisite experience. Walking in the room and thinking about what the future holds in store for technology and inventions, I couldn’t help but wonder if in a couple of years’ time on one of my regular meet-ups with a friend, I’ll command: “okay, Glass, take a photo of Ruta and get it printed, framed and delivered to her through frameagain.com.”


That, however is still a few years down the line. Until then, ordering photos to be printed, framed and delivered to your doorstep can be done online at www.frameagain.com.

Frame Again