Frame Again Wood Available Now!

Our Customers Said They Wanted a Wider Range. Here It Is. Introducing Our Wooden Collection from £6.99.


We’re really happy announce our brand new range of wooden frames manufactured right here in the UK. Introducing, Frame Again Wood!




Now with more choice and more variation in what we have to offer, there will never be a picture that wouldn’t look amazing in a Frame Again frame!




As our SmartFrames have gone down a storm, we’re still really hot on all our frames being highly customizable! As a result of this, we have made sure we’ve plenty of sizes AND colours, for you to choose from.




Our new wooden frames come in a variety of dimensions! These sizes now include

6”x4” 6”x6” 6”x8” 7”x5” 8”x8” 10”x8”

And we haven’t forgotten to make sure that there’s a good choice of colours too!

Oak White Black Red Pink Blue Dark Brown Gold

As Frame Again was born and bred in London, we’ve made sure that all of the new materials that go into our wooden frames our manufactured right here in the UK!



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