App Review: Landcam

Landcam App

This week you can download the Landcam photo editing app for FREE by visiting any Starbucks and picking up an App of the Week card.


Landcam Icon



At Frame Again HQ we love using the App, and here’s why.


More Filters


The App, usually £0.99, offers a great selection of instagram-esq filters, organised by colours instead of styles. There are many more filters here than on Instagram, and to make them more effective, you can control how much of the filter is applied.


Landcam filters



Beautiful Interface


The design of the controls are very iOS-centric, with flat, solid colours, clean lines and fonts and clearly-defined controls. Very cool.


Landcam Effects




The Right Effect


On top of the wider selection of pre-defined filters, Landcam offers a great selection of effects and controls to take you photo editing that step further. Along with the usual suspects like contrast, brightness and fade, Landcam offers tools to edit the grain, sharpness and clarity of your photo.





More Fun


This is where the App gets fun. Whether you want to add text, borders, small sketches or “light leaks” (as shown below), Landcam offers all the above and more, so you can truly personalise your photo and create great images. Perfect for holidays, weddings and special occasions where dates and names are always worth noting.


IMG_0052 IMG_0054



For framing Landcam photos, here at Frame Again we would say follow the colours, as the effects can be heavy on the saturation. Check out our Frame Ideas page for inspiration!


Landcam is only free this week so make sure you get on it!


Frame Again