APP REVIEW: Instagram Update

Instagram App Screenshot


Instagram has updated its iOS App to version 6, bringing with it the biggest raft of changes since the network introduced video sharing. Here are the major additions:


Filter strength control

In a move to help users produce more individual photos, the strength of each Instagram filter can now be controlled, meaning more or less of the effects you know and love.


Instagram   Instagram App


More editing functions

Along with the standard filtering technique we’re so used to from Instagram, you can now edit your photos using the normal adjustments found on other editing apps, such as contrast, brightness and sharpness.


Instagram App Screenshot



This update from Instagram feels like the move of a big-name tech player who is no longer innovating. The trend (think Apple) seems to go: innovate, lead, consolidate($), follow. Whilst Instagram were busy being bought for $1billion by Facebook, other developers saw the limits of the app and delivered their own, many bosting more creative tools than Instagram.


Whilst this update is a good development of the App’s service and will not alienate those users who love the app’s simplicity and great filters, it’s hard to avoid the assumption that this is a defensive, reactive move, rather than a pro-active one.


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