5 Top Tips for Phone Photography

Tip One

Take less photos! Even high res camera phones produce better pics with a bit of light and stability. Photography is about timing and indeed patience, even in a fast-moving moment – you’re better one good snap than ten bad ones. Likewise for stationary subjects, babies, etc. really take your time, watch the angles change through the view-finder and don’t start clicking until you’re happy you’ve got your angles just right. You’ll also thank yourself after when you have far fewer pics to sort through;

Tip Two

Avoid the flash and go for the light – it’s sad but true that camera phone flashes make for bad photos of pasty looking people. With all the advances in photography the single biggest factor in whether a picture looks good or not is the amount of light that goes in. Follow the light, find the light, or just switch the lamps on before you take your shot;

Tip Three

Filter quickly – the new iOS software allows you to ‘favourite’  your top pics – this is a quick and easy way to reduce the number of photos and to get easy access to the best ones for sharing/uploading/printing or just flicking through;

Tip Four

Crop Don’t Zoom! For casual photographers who mainly upload their pics to social media rather than print in large size, you are always better cropping later than zooming in the moment. A zoomed picture gives you less to play with when it comes to editing and can increase the chance of getting a hazy pic. Take your photos with a little more perspective so you have a bit more to play with once they’ve been taken – most modern smart phones take high enough res pics that a bit of cropping after won’t hurt.

Tip Five

Put the camera down! Remember this?



Put Down the Camera



The photo of the old lady admiring the Pope whilst all others missed the moment in order to record the moment should remind us that staring at something through a lens is never the same as soaking it all in.



Frame Again